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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this latest word is just a moment ago is that stretch of the freeway will remain closed from high street to 35th avenue there. is a huge traffic mess in area as we can show you. cars being diverted around the freeway on surface streets eastbound 580 is moving but slowly throughout this area. and they're expecting a briefing any moment now. we'll have more details for you as we get that information again, live from east oakland abc 7 news. >> and thank you very much z we move onto the suspect in a shooting rampage in cupertino yesterday. he was caught and shot to death this morning. and deputies were patrolling an area in sunnyvale near a cement plant. and noticed something moving next to a car and they were confronted by an armed man and fired. vic lee joins us now from the neighborhood. vick? >> this is the corner and the
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shooting rapped just about in the middle of the block. of the crime scene is sealed. you can see the tops of the blue tents and this shooting happened there. octavia bernard was saddened by the death. >> i wish he would have surrendered in safety instead of had to go out like this. >> those who live in the neighborhood were startled. >> kids are ready to go to school. we thought it's just going to be a normal day. >> a normal day in a tranquil neighborhood aptly called birdland. she and her neighbors felt secure cure knowing police were all around the neighborhood last night. and this morning at 7:30 she heard gunshots. >> it wasn't sure if it was gunshots.
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>> three deputies were at that time patrolling the block. the sheriff says they saw something move. >> the subject was crouched down behind a vehicle. our deputyies recognized the subject as our suspect. the deputy as tempted to make contact with the suspect. >> sheriff smith says the man was armed with a handgun. >> all three of the deputies were present at the scene fired. shots. and the subject was pronounced dead at the scene. >> i'm feeling removed -- relieved now this is over. >> gerard was let back home last night thinking and he his family were safe this morning the shooting left him shaken. >> so i thought waits okay now. but now it's not really okay. >> it started yesterday morning. police say the 49-year-old went into a routine safety meeting of a plant and shot
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nine fellow workers. and three hours later police say the suspect tried to take a woman's car about five miles from the plant. they say he shot and wounded her before running into this neighborhood and deputies and police scored this area they recovered two assault rifles and a handgun from various locations. authorities went door to door searching homes and backyards. allman vanished into birdland. >> residents are breathing a collective sigh of relief. the authorities are still waiting for the coroner to identify but the sheriff says that the person heard deputy shot fits this description. >> vick, thank you. several shooting victims still in the hospital recovering from wounds. and there is a man he shot at
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the plant and a woman shot while attempting to steal her car are being treated. fred roamero's two brothers worked at the lant plant. one survived and another did not. >> you start to have bitter and anger authorities a person. justing forrive him. he probably has family too. i just had have toing forrive him. >> his surviving brother has been upgraded from fair to good condition though remains sedated. the woman shot asked the hospital spokeswoman to clarify she was shot in the arm not her leg as reported. >> and let's change gears now. unsettled weather, sunny rainy, almost out of here and take a look at what it did this morning. the storm gave windshield wipers a workout. and there is a look at doppler. >> and there is a phrase almost out of here an official
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weather term because that is what it is. you can see there is most of the bay area experienceing calm dry weather. there is a batch of thunderstorm activity moving east and southeast now. it's active storm cell there. it's moving away from population senters so we can say most of us are seeing this calming trend and a warming trend. at lake tahoe snow storm ended around the lake. it's winding down so. we're get back to more normal weather we've got lovely day as haechld i'll show you how lovely weather going to be in the accu-weather forecast later. dan? cheryl? >> thank you. and now steve jobs the man brought us ipod iphone and ipad being remembered today as a visionary who changed the world. he died after a long illness. and david louie is live in sal palo alto tonight.
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very few people made more of an impact on the world. >> that is true. people have labeled steve jobs a technology genius but stores he created and the way trance forming i tunes into a large seller of music are part of the legacy. every time he walked on stage wearing his trademark black turtle neck and jeans we knew life was about to change yet again. >> we call it the ipad. >> today apple is going reinvent the phone. you can watch it on your ipod. >> it seemed his great mind was unstoppable but no match for cancer he bet battled and lost. word of his passing sent shock waves around the forld. fans gathered to mourn their icon of innovation. >> i love it. yes. thank you very much. thank you, jobs, thank you. >> last time i remember feeling anything akin to this was when john lennon died or
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possibly when john f kennedy junior died. it's a stark reminder that the good ones go. >> he made the most of his 56 years, create prog ducts with revolutionized the basic human functions. how we talk to one another how we listen to music. it was his passion taking technology and making it fun for the rest of us. and in 2005 he urged young graduates to find their own passion. >> your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's live z important have the courage to follow your heart and interyigs. they somehow already know what you truly want to become. >> what he became was an inspiration, teaching us anyone can change the world. and here in silicon valley he may have inspired young people to become agents of change. in palo alto abc 7 fuss. >> and steve jobs started making news at a very young
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age, began appearing on tv. however, his first tv interview was here at kgo. nervous and young steve jobs gets ready to go live. watch. >> this is not the real thing you just want to picture me now... >> they'll suit you here. >> gosh. >> and would you like water? >> i'm not going to have to sit here until you're ready? right? >> if you've got to do anything do, it now. >> oh yeah. >> do you want to go to the bathroom? >> no. you can bring me water. >> all of this soon became old hat for jobs. he became at ease arks dressing thousands of people at a time especially as we know at apple conventions and fans are posting their kond yol yenss on our facebook page. we'd like to you join the conversation. and news about another tech company, oracle paying a record fine after being accused of fraud. the software company agreed to
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pay $200 million for failing to pass a a.long discounts to the government it was giving to commercial customers. and this issue came to light after an emmoiy blew the whistle on the company. the employee will seft fine. >> california's largest provider of worker's compensation announced it will layoff up to 1800 workers in 2012 expect to it save the company $150 million per year in costs z officials won't say which counties will see biggest cut backs. and it's the first time the organization has announced layoffs since the great depression. >> and activists back out siftd federal reserve office in downtown san francisco after police officers cleared out their encampments.
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officers removing tents and other items lining the sidewalk along market street. and there is one person arrested on charges of assaulting an officer. this after several hundred people marched on an assault on what protestors say is corporate greed there has been a crime committed against american people here. it's time to take the power back. >> the movement began in new york city a few week agz grow protest economic inequality in america. it's spread into several other issues since then. >> and we want to take you now to our top story. there is breaking news in oakland. westbound 580 clesed since 3:00 this afternoon. and this is where you can see traffic is backed up there and this is a nightmare out there because of a of a suspect who
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apparently shot a woman over a purse earlier there so this search continue and we've heard they're getting ready to reopen the freeway. and we'll bring updates throughout the newscast. >> and coming up here a new historic low for mortgage rates. >> and the young bank customer cut up her debit card and delivered a stronger message to bank of america today. >> and tim lincecum's former landlord tosses out
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman on a campus dorm last week. the man managed to lure her into a room and sexual
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assaulted her, police describe the suspect as a mixed race man between 18-22 years of age. five eight, and weighs about 180 pounds. >> an east bay private school needs help tonight. it's close to making its goal of raising $1 million by tomorrow in order to stay open. enrollment has fallen over the past three years. and many students have left because families can no longer afford the $20,000 a year tuition. and wind rush took out a loan to expand its campus and now the school is forced to foreclose. they're close, but there is more money to raise. >> and volkswagon recalling 170,000 cars equipped with diesel engines because of a defect that could cause fires. it involves some jettas and golfs as well as audi a 3
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models. all equipped with two liter tbi beetle engine. and for more information on this go to abc 7 >> and let's go back down to breaking news. patrol officers reopening interstate 580 where it has been closed for last couple hours because of a traffic tie up and we're going to continue to monitor this story. and you can see this is finally open here at 5:14. >> this is moving on now to consumer news. >> a 22-year-old fed up bank of america customer did what a lot of people would like to do. >> and molly is one ticked off customer organizing an online petition protesting bank of
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america's decision to charge $5 per debit card monthly use. and today, she turned 153,000 signatures in withdrew all of her money from bank of america, then cut up her debit and credit cards. >> i feel g i feel like i made the right decision. and i don't want to be with a bank charging customers like that and isn't going to have a response to over 150,000 people signed on. >> bank of america's ceo defends the fee saying the bank has right to turn a profit. and analysts say banks lose money on small account holders and probably want them to take business elsewhere. molly is taking her business to a credit union. it's never been cheaper to own a home. and for the first time in history the average fixed rate is below 4%. freddie mac puts it at 3.94%. and this 15 year is at a
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record low 3.26%. keep in mind that is for a conforming loan not the jumbo that's most of us have here in the bay area. and worries about the global company are behind the decline and interest rates. >> and cheap is good when it comes to retail sales and a trade association says revenues rose five and a half percent, consumers grabbed discounted merchandise and analysts say it's uncertain whether they'll have to offer deep discounts in order to get customers to spend. and predicts sales will rise 2.8%. not as much as i hoped for this year. >> and the man they know as the freak is accused of going mid yeefal. saying tim lincecum trashed his apartment, stealing and destroying $200,000 worth of
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yimts and says lincecum failed to pay rent on time and illegally returned to his apt after the lease expired. his attorney said i'm not going to dig fi witness a response. >> and let's move on to weather forecast. there is more rain here. >> and we had thunderstorms here and just about all ended now, skies are clearing. and there is a a few broken clouds in the sky. and there is lots of blue and sunshine z there is a judgment call there. is a changing weather pattern. here is another view over san francisco. we're looking eastward here and again, you can see mainly blue skies and broken clouds around. it's going to be a lovely late afternoon. there is live doppler 7 showing a quiet weather picture, and south of gilroy
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we have a thunderstorm cell that has been stubborn slow to move south ward but it's moving away from populated areas into higher terrain. most of us weather getting calmer lake tahoe there, is a little bit of light snow well south now. so things getting back to normal. and what these are not normal snowfall totals for early october in the sierra. this storm left 18 inches of snow. kirkwood 16 empblgs. 12 inches in sierra and tahoe. 10 inches in bear valley. unusual currents to october z we're looking at mainly sunny skies calm conditions and temperatures 59 degrees in livermore and antioch and concord z low 60s in most other locations. these are the highlights. clearing and cooler overnight. sunny skies and warmer tomorrow. and the worry continues into next week. and our satellite radar shows
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that upper level low that brought us stormy unusual weather. it's sweeping south ward moving away from the bay area now. and coming behind it we'll see clearing skies during overnight hours and sunny days. a string of sunny days ahead warmer dry weather continuing throughout the weekend zoo z.into next week overnight tonight lows on the cool side and we'll see mainly mid to upper 40s inland and lows into low 50s into here is how tomorrow is shaping up. high temperatures 66 in san francisco. 70 in oakland. low to mid-70s inland. and 7 down in san jose. 74 clover dale z 64 half moon bay. and look for highs of we'll see low 70s low to mid-70s for-to-morgan hill, here is the accu-weather forecast.
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and seven sunny day as head just keeps getting warmer. throughout the weekend there is a warming trend into next week monday tuesday low 80s inland. mid-80s by wednesday thursday low 80s around the bay by mid week and low 70s on the coast. what is this? a return to summer? what happened? look goods. >> and shorts and a rain coat. >> yes. >> and we're making up for last few day autos sure, thank you. >> talking about weather crazy weather certainly lightning struck a pickup truck this afternoon. three people inside not injured but they got a scare. electrical system fried. this scene was eerie because the strike caused red and yellow and green traffic lights to turn on at the same time. >> and coming up the navy is delivering more than just fleet week fun but coming to the rescue in the event of an emergency. >> and there is how the liquid
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[ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $2off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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ababababab well one of the delights of fleet week is watching blue angels practice over the bay in anticipation of the weekend's official performance. they're something else. well fleet week not just about fast planes however but two years authorities have taken advantage of the navy's presence here to prepare for a major disaster. officials and first responders met with military brass aboard ussvonan richard today. >> whatever type of
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catastrophe would be upon a city, we can get here the navy marine corps team. >> and it is home ported in san diego and could provide air traffic dronl and water to the bay area within three days of a major disaster. >> several state parks scheduled to close in marin county next year will remain open. an agreement reached between state government and national parks service meaning people can continue to visit and all three had been listed foreclosure it's good news for hundreds of thousand who's visit every year. >> we'll wrap it up here at 5:00 right after this.
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f f f f f at 6:00 an indepth look
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at the man responsible for the shooting rampage and allegations of the violent past. and also the work at home opportunity that backfired for a bay area woman. 7 on your side explains how the story can help you from making a bad decision. also... >> letting us know if the real steel is a real deal or a dud. >> thank you. >> and can't wait to see that. >> and world news is next. spencer too right? >> certainly. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you again in a half hour. this is "world news." and tonight, bringing america back. 3 million jobs leaving china, heading home. what are these jobs?


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